About Our Priest

Fr. Reweis Salidis is the priest for St. Rebekah Coptic Orthodox Church located in Orlando, FL. H.G. Bishop Youssef, with the presence of H.G. Bishop Serapion,  ordained him priest on October 26, 2008. We pray that the Lord will continue blessing his service.

If you would like to reach Fr. Reweis Salidis, he may be contacted by telephone at 407-497-3093 or by email at Fr.reweis.suscopts@gmail.com


About St. Rebekah

Saint Rebekah (Refka) and her five children, Martyrs - (Fourth Century)

St. Rebekah, a mother, and her five children, Agathon, Peter, John, Ammon, and the little girl Ammona were from Upper Egypt. When the Roman emperor Diocletian issued his Edict in 303 to destroy churches and kill the Christians wherever they are, St. Rebekah made known to her children what she heard about the persecution. She tried to strengthen their faith and encouraged them to bear any torture patiently, for the sake of the Lord. Rebekah gave examples of the many saints who suffered martyrdom bravely without hesitation, because of their love for Jesus Christ. The blessed family then rose to pray. While they were praying, the Lord appeared to them in His Divine Grace, surrounded by angels. He comforted them and promised them the crowns of martyrdom. When they heard the Lord they were very courageous and glad, counting themselves unworthy of the honor of martyrdom.

Agathon, the older son, was a man of esteem and was loved by every one in the city. The faithful family went to the council and confessed their faith. He tortured them severely, starting with the mother. She bore the torture patiently with joy. The children were then tortured, one by one, in front of her. When they refused to recant, he sent them to the governor ‘Armenius’ in Alexandria. As a result of their toleration, many confessed their faith and declared Christianity, welcoming martyrdom. In Alexandria they were tortured again in many ways, from casting their bodies in boilers to squeezing them in wheels, and then beheaded. When the executioner ordered to throw their bodies in the sea, a rich man commanded him to take them. He bribed the soldiers and picked the holy bodies. He laid them in the church. They remained there till the time of the persecution passed. Then their existence was revealed, and the bodies were transferred to the city of ‘Sonbat’, where there is a church bearing their names to this very day: “The five and their Mother” or “El-Sitt Refka” (Rebekah).

INSPIRATIONAL FACT: The relics of Saints Rebekah (Refka) and her five children are preserved in the Church, and any visitor who seeks their blessings can see them. Glory be to God forever.


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12700 Balcombe Rd
Orlando, FL 32837
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PO Box 770268
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